Career counseling

Career development is a process that runs throughout the whole life of a person. It covers the occupations, the types of work and leisure activities, that the person chooses. To assist this process, the career counseling was created and has become an academic discipline and practical approach thanks to the professional orientation – a movement created in response to the massive social and demographic problems from the beginning of XXth century.The term “counseling” means the process in which a specialized career counselor offers assistance through a methodical framework to the client, who seeks for new and better solutions to work and personal life. To facilitate selection, planning and achieving of a dream career, JobTiger offers individual counseling on career planning and development:

Career counseling is appropriate for – employed, unemployed, young professionals, students and those who want:

Only after a few individual meetings with certified professionals from JobTiger’s team, you will have solutions and plan for the following key points for career and life success:

Career counseling takes place in individual sessions with a career counselor, the number of meetings can be from 1 to 6, in which successively passes through the various stages that are determined by the client’s need and request. The average duration of one meetings is an hour and a half, if necessary the meeting will continue without being at the expense of the client. The process ends when the preliminary plan is completed and the client is satisfied with the results.The cost of an individual session with a certified career consultant is 90 BGN, including VAT, and for the most motivated to succeed in their career JobTiger team has prepared a preferential price for 3 meetings worth 240 BGN, including VAT!

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