Outsourcing in Bulgaria

Outsourcing in Bulgaria for small and medium enterprises


Outsourcing is no longer only for big companies. JobTiger makes it possible for small and medium enterprises also to benefit from the outsourcing services in Bulgaria. 

In response to the coronavirus crisis and its economic impact, many businesses all over the world experience an increasing necessity of cutting non-essential costs to maintain financial stability and market presence. For small businesses especially, this task can be challenging and requires strategy and creativity. 

As a result, a large percentage of companies in different sectors focus their current efforts on outsourcing to reduce expenses. Taking the first step toward this endeavor can be time-consuming and expensive for a smaller company.  

If you are a small, forward-thinking company looking for opportunities to outsource operations globally, we are your trustful future partner. If you need someone to take care of every aspect of this important step for a reasonable price, JobTiger is your partner. 


Why Bulgaria? 

The country is a leader in the outsourcing industry in Europe for many good reasons, which include: 

  • Geographical location and culture 
  • Well-developed infrastructure 
  • Real estate equipped to accommodate industry needs 
  • An educated workforce 
  • Taxation of 10% 


Why choose us? 

JobTiger has the experience and know-how how to establish and manage small outsourcing teams. 

You don’t need to set up a company and to care about the details. 

For more information contact us at office@jobtiger.bg