GCDF career counseling certificate

GCDF (Global Career Development Facilitator) is an international training program for career counselors with main focus at development of the employees as individuals and in teams and in this matter – suitable for HR professionals and managers at various levels.The international program is developed by the largest organization of counselors in the world – NBCC International. It has been recognized in more than 40 countries all over the world – for example USA, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, Romania, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Turkey, ant etc.

The program which trained and certified career counselors in Bulgaria, since 2004 is part of the international program GCDF. It was introduced, expanded and adapted for different groups of customers (students, unemployed, workers) with the help of USAID and the team of JobTiger.bg.

During the project were established career centers in almost all universities in Bulgaria and were trained and certified specialists in career counseling for them. At present, in secondary education there are more than 1800 certified counselors , and in several universities in the country there are master programs in career counseling.

The main focus of GCDF is developing knowledge and skills for evaluating people’s potential, strengths and areas for additional progress, as well as skills for consulting, coaching and mentoring.

Consulting and assisting the life-long learning and growth are two universal skills, applicable also in:

  • Recruitment;
  • Creation of models for staff evaluation;
  • Evaluation of the training needs;
  • Elaboration of development programs – for individuals and in teams;
  • Development of soft skills;
  • Conflict settlement;
  • Employee motivation;
  • Team management;
  • Providing and receiving of constructive feedback;
  • Observation and control of the development process;
  • Trainings and presentations in front of groups;
  • Management;
  • Employee guidance and dismissal;
  • Client counseling for appropriate professional realization.

The program is designed that every trainees to have opportunity to experience the whole consulting process and can experiment different techniques and instruments in order to find their own style of work. The training process includes many psychological methods both popular and easily applicable in a professional environment. The methodology is developed on the basis of the positive reflection (PAAR method) and faces entirely the strength, skills and knowledge of the person without underestimating and neglecting the needs and opportunities for growth.In the scope of the program, which included the following topics, divided into successive modules for increasing knowledge:

Running Training Format:

1. Preliminary self-preparation – includes studying materials, cases solving and exercises. The participants target is receiving feedback from the trainers and adjusting the group level before the start of the training sessions;
2. Training session – practical role-playing of the stages of career guidance in various situations;
3. A case study with a real client (time for self-preparation between the two sessions);
4. Training session – supervision of the participants case studies (one day).
5. At the end of the program trainees obtain a certificate – a Bulgarian or an international one (optional).

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